My most likely language to code and test business logic.

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Spring framework

Most popular and reliable framework for build your application in Java.

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The best way of sharing you services to outside world.

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My standards.

I'm a big enthusiasts of clean code and design. Most of the time developers read instead write a code. If you add that a project is a living organism, changing all the time, you will find quickly answer why good design is so important. Having said that I'm paying a special attentions to OOP, SOLID, DRY, KISS principles and of course design patters. They are kind of road map, helping write good, easy to read and maintain code. In some point of my carrier it started to be not enough. Now I'm putting steps in micro services architecture direction, designing solution able to survive production phase.

Technologies I do like the most.

On today IT market you can find plenty of solutions for small and big organizations. Some of the are ready made applications, some of them are just libraries which you can use in your project. After many years of using different kind of frameworks, setup build on top of Spring framework, seems to be optimal for me. The idea of Dependency Injection, connected with AOP facility plus modularity gives a very power full tool capable to do the job. No commercial licence also brings many developers and make forums "how to solve this" rich of audience.

The most important project I've done so far.

Cars Online Update - IoT area, still in progress, my the best challenge I got so far. Starting as regular Java developer I progressed to be a technical lead, responsible for end to end delivery of new features. The project gives me opportunity to develop my technical and soft skills, a very much needed in case of managing people. Building standards, do code reviews, design new solutions, redesign already existing ones by proper refactoring. Also providing architecture changes to make application reliable on production makes my time a very much challenging and interesting.

How to find me

I live in Poland, Wrocław city. You can find me on email: